11.11: Reggie Rockstone to drop the ultimate birthday surprise 11:11 PM

April 11 marks an important day in the life of Hiplife’s most iconic, Reggie Rockstone.  It is his birthday and that of his beloved daughter.

As part of the double celebrations, the hiplife grandpapa is celebrating it with a lot of symbolism under the tag ‘11.11’.

His record label, KasaRock Entertainment has released ‘Happy Day’, the first single from a project that would feature records with eleven up-and-coming artists with the aim of elevating hidden talents in Ghana.

“Happy Day” features Nation and dancehall artist, Epixode.  The music video has hints of Reggie’s martial arts background and makes many significant references to his mentor, Bruce Lee.

Reggie has also hinted that there would be another surprise before the close of the day with a major revelation on 4syte TV and Kasa Records’ YoutTube page (click here) at 11:11 PM.


Source: www.ameyawdebrah.com

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